ये रेसिपी खाके मुँह में होगा स्वाद का धमाका | Chicken Bhuna Kadhai Masala |Cholistani Style Chicken

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    Sir, pheli baar khana banaya Aur aapka recipe dekhte huye banaya. La jabab hua hay sir , thanks you so much

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    Ek video par kitni add lagaoge😡😡😡

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    I tried it today.... It was simply Massssst.... 👌😉 Really loved it.... You explain in the best way... N aap gharelu cheezein use karte ho... 😊😌 Super duper satisfied... ☺ Masha Allah..

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    I tried this today. It was simple to cook and less ingredients were required. The best part was it tasted like really awesome.

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    I will try then


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    Too many Ads bud!😥

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    bharat ji chili jara kam hai aur chili daal sakte hai kya

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    Karachi ka charci chicken...

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    Bhai bura mat manan tumhari ye recipe kisi ko bhi pasand nahi aayi ghar me ..

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    Sir salt dalna hai

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    Super 👌👌👌👍👍👍

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    Would you say thanks to Punjab for as giving you these type of precious recipe's

  15. dreamymum

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    This is not authentic. First of all it shoul be cooked in iron kadahi. No kasuri methi should be put and the chicken has to be deep fried at high flame in the beginnig, not necessarily in ghee. In fact the entire recipe can be cooked on high flame except for sometime in the middle when you allow the chicken to cook for sometime. Request that please do not spoil recipes by misguiding pepople. Also, chopped coriander leaves are not needed for this one.

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    Bro Chicken se jyda Khdai ke Bare Main Bataa deya


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    Nice information bro jai ho but very expensive product plz make some economic offers

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    I just skipped my heart beat the very moment you used steel equipment to mix chicken in Kadhai. No it's a big no ..

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    bhai isko kha....ke cholesterol ho jayega

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    Can I replace Chicken with Shrimps here?

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    chala bavundhi andi recipe

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    Sir very delicious dish

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    Curd nahi ho to.

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    Is there any substitute against ghee

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    I like this

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    Ad mat kro kisika okay

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    please forward the name and brand of the KADAI

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    No salt in this recipe????

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    Bharat bro love u am urs fan

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    Abe peshawari dish ki Amma kar diye masaale daal k

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    Tried this recipe today and it was just yumm!!

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    Farm chicken should always be cooked without marinating..

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    Amazing Recipe. Will try this in my home 👍

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    Pakistani Kadhai recipe hai yeh

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    Thnks boss from assam try karenge apka recipe

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  79. Poonam Mathur

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    It's the same way karahi chicken is prepared at khawish Chicken, Karachi.... Almost same recipe....

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    @Neelu Bhasin , Bharat is definitely a very very good cook and his ways of cooking are very simple.... Makes you understand very easily....

  85. pankaj sharma

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    @Neelu Bhasin , correct....

  86. Neelu Bhasin

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    It's actually a Pakistani chicken kadhai recipe not bharatz😊😊

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    m.mrgos.info/vhidio/zJiMkrSQmGi3snY.html Ye Chicken Recipe Try kariye(I am sure you will love it)

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    nice ... three things one aluminium can never be stronger than steel no matter which alloy you make out of it .. its lighter than steel but not stronger second non stick coating is not made of steel if you would sratch it with a steel spoon no matter HOW DAMN good is the coating it would pick up dents and scratches cause steel is harder than the coating material and its a rule of thumb you can scratch one surface with another if the later one is harder than the first ! Steel is always gona stay harder than the coating material and it will scratch it and slowly the scratches will turn into cracks and it will rip the coating apart so NEVER use steel spoon on such expensive non stick coated utensils .. if you are told by sellers you can THEY ARE BLOODY LIARS ! Third no matter if FDA approves it or some extraterrestrial entity tells us that coating is approved for cooking .. ONCE its worn out its kind of serious poisoning and can give cancer ! so never try to test it and try to keep it intact as long as you can by using SILICON spoons only ! WHY not plastics cause they are also cancer causing and can slowly dissolve into heated contents without letting you know :) Finally i know i said three things but I was wondering is there any way you could avoid blood pouring out of the chicken while cooking ? and why i know all that crap i wrote above ? thats because I studied it i am a metallurgist :) Another quick advice about coated utensils never put them under cold water straight from the hot stove cause this thermal shock can crack the coating and may also create micro pores which we cannot see and slowly its gona start sticking the food on it ENJOY your cooking !