Jordindian Locked Up In The Lockdown | Official Music Video

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This music video goes out to all those who are stuck in the lockdown - Basically the whole world. Since you can’t go out this summer, we decided to bring the vibes to you. So whether it’s cooking, cleaning or working out, put your dancing shoes on and get your groove on, because we’re “Locked Up In The Lockdown”.
Stay Home, Stay Safe and Enjoy! 😊
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Creators - Naser Al Azzeh, Vineeth Beep Kumar
Director - Sahit Anand
Music Producer - Bharath MD (@whoismd)
Producer - Boris Kenneth (Do Creative Labs)
Edit - Naser Al Azzeh, Vineeth Beep Kumar
Colour Grade - Sahit Anand
Audio Mastering - Akash Shivakumar
Graphic Designer - Maryann Ranjini Vincent
Stills - Sunilino Matthew
Lockdown Footage - Vivian Ambrose
@thejordindian - thejordindi...
@naseralazzeh - naseralazze...
@vineethbeepkumar - vineethbeep...
@jordindianofficial -
@thejordindian - thejordindian

Locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
And ain’t nothing going on.
Locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
Ain’t nothing going on.
Locked up and it feels like everyday is Sunday
No work, no schools, no sign on Monday
Not sure what’s in store or what the future brings
But we gotta appreciate all the little things.
Countless hobbies to pursue, with all this time
So many seconds on the clock yeah it's time to shine
Today I’ll be a chef go hard in the kitchen
Share my flavours with the world, show em what they’re missing
Maybe work on some art, time to bring out them pencils
Just as soon as I help Mom with all them utensils
It's the time to get fit, time to work on them abs
Just as soon as I’m done watching Breaking bad.
Checking up on my barber almost every day
Hair looking like the miggda miggda Mac daddy
Got my headset on playing video games
I'm a beast in that lobby imma put you to shame
Cus it’s the lockdown, it doesn’t feel so good
We in the lockdown, don’t get misunderstood
Cus it’s the lockdown, it feels like everyday
We in the lockdown, in the lockdown. Ayee
Locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
And ain’t nothing going on.
Locked in the house, surrounded by sanitizers
Locked in the house, just so sick and tired
Nothing much to do, yeah you know what we mean
But we stuck on lockdown cus of Covid19
Locked in my house, surrounded by sanitizers
Locked in my house, just so sick and tired
But we all in this together, doing the best that we can
Cus this is God’s plan, God’s plan, God’s plan.
All our chores are done, just folding clothes for fun
Cleaning the floor wax on, wax off, like Daniel son
Home never felt so good, putting us in the mood
Zoom calling all our friends, yo what’s up Mahmoud?

Locked down and I'm here running out of hummus
Social distance from my wives, yeah they give me no boose
No more riding on my camel or Mercedes too
Thinking about my friend from India, Habibi raju
Yeah it's me Raju stuck at home with Mummy
Cannot able to complain because food is very yummy
All day watching Ramayan with my Patti
Can't step outside because I don’t want the lathi
Cus it’s the lockdown, it doesn’t feel so good
We in the lockdown, don’t get misunderstood
Cus it’s the lockdown, it feels like everyday
We in the lockdown, in the lockdown. Ayee
Just take a second, and relax your mind
Think of possibilities with all this time
Just take a deep breath and put your mind at ease
Cus you don’t want to go out and help spread that disease.
We gotta think about the people that don’t got much
People far from their families who are out of touch
Homeless people on the streets who got nothing to eat
Show compassion in these times, don’t just take a back seat
We gotta come through for all the people working hard
Nurses and doctors risking lives we gotta play our part
Stay at home and stay safe is all we gotta do
Wait for that day to come where we can finally pull through!
Cus we’re..
Locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
And ain’t nothing going on.
Locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
We’re locked up in the lockdown
Ain’t nothing going on.


  1. Jordindian

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    One of the most special music videos that we've ever done. Hope ya'll enjoy! Thank you for all the love. Stay home and stay safe. (Dedicated to our 2 Million Fam)


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