I Want To Be Safe.



  1. Captain Nick

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    I see people commenting ‘it’s Kauravs , not Pandavs’. Yes, you are right and I’m not wrong, Juaa jaise khel mein, you can’t stake your wife , yeh thi Pandavon ki galti.

  2. Taleban gamer

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    Aurat or mard barabar hen aap dil chota na kare Mene to ye bhi sun'a he ke Aurat ne mard ka rape kia usse injection de krr

  3. stop rapes by 2025

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    Mam you are right.... We need safe society... 🙏

  4. Mohita Ahuja

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    @vishwajit patel, Tu raat ko ghumna kyun na band kare.

  5. Mohita Ahuja

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    @Babli Kumari Main jo is haraamzaade ko reply karna chahti thi vo aapne pehle hi kar diya. Well said sister.

  6. anju verma

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  7. Naba Sherjeel

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    Sad reality😭💔

  8. Interesting Mom

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    U r best....di❤

  9. Arshiya Singh

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  10. Bhumi DEY

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    Okkk....... government humari right k liye nahi ladegi wo sirf kanun dikhayenge...... khud ka raksha khud hi karna hoga ........ agar hume mouka mile to zarur kar denge khun 😊😊

  11. dhruvika soni

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    Ab to khudke ghr m bhi safe nhi h

  12. Home Alone

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    Guess, female's thoughts are different nowadays. watch girlyappa first.

  13. glossy sisters

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  14. technical things

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    Really niharicka tumne to aaj emotional kr diya....yes it's true girl's also like to walk alone at night.....girl's also like night out...fearless life....india is independant but not for girl's.....☹☹☹when girl's will walk alone at midnight also.....that will be real independence...😔😔😔😔 .

  15. Sumayya Khan

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    Its high time womens should keep there eyes on every male member of family,,Do they hv this kind of desires do they take this kind of things easily. Teach them by clearing the dirt inside thr monster brain...punish them for evry wrong move that gives you hint abt their ill spoiled thoughts... Such Attitude is not Normal. SATAN WILL SPOIL YOU AND LEAVE YOU, ONCE HE IS DONE...BUT HE FEAR GOD AND HE WILL BLAME YOU FOR GETTING SPOILED.......

  16. Preethi Srinivasan

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    True but this will never end cause those kind of men will continue to exist. Instead let's teach our kids moms sisters to be safe that's all we can do. I comment this with the heavy scared yet proud heart of 8 month old girls mom. Hope we teach our boys to respect girls . hope atleast when these children grow up they dont have to face what we face today.

  17. Ashim Samanta

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    Rapist ko faasi nhi, they should chopped their ball's off

  18. samad subedar

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    Bhen tu kha tak pohochgaye

  19. Devrat Sharma

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    hum ladke bhi aap ladkiyon ki barabari har field mein karte hain.but false rape cases ke field mein hum kabhi aapki barabari nhi krenge.

  20. Nafeesa Kousar

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    Jo men ya havan rape ka bara main so cha BhI tho USA zinda jaladena chahiya😠😠

  21. Rajiv Dubey

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    The kurukshetra content is so real

  22. Its Shivaji

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    Hey sis, those people who disliked this video they are only the rapist.

  23. priyal sen

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    In every Indian society not only unmarried girls also married girls feel unsecured but when we share with someone they don't support us they support only men. But if a men feels unsecured each and every family member will call him and support him. PLEASE STOP THIS INJUSTICE AND GIVE JUSTICE TO BOTH WOMEN AND MEN!

  24. lekha udaya

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    Those who disliked this video are really ****

  25. Suparna Ghorui

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    Wow what a nice vidio

  26. Home Alone

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    Wait......what is going on......leave that case aside.....lets focus on....the feminists comments and niharika's speech.......do you know one thing Nick........there are these girls out there.....uh..uh...don't say few....there are many.....who are sexualising idol men's out there.....naming it as a love for their idol.....I got a post on my fb mentioning bts (south korean boyband).... SAYING THAT IF BTS RAPES ME I AM OK WITH IT...😑😑😑😑😑🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨.....what. And when I commented on that post saying it is wrong.....do you know what they said......that it's a joke.....don't take it seriously......so YES.....IT'S A JOKE.... You know what Nick, this generation girls are dying behind looks......harassing is considered rape only if the man is not good looking....NOW THAT'S THE REAL TALK ABOUT THESE GIRLS......WHICH THESE DENIES SHAMELESSLY.

  27. Rajendrakumar nair

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    Bloody dislikes.. there' not humans

  28. Hard Roy

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    Didi hamesha ladke bhi ghalt nahi hote par aager hote Jai unko Jeene Ka koi hakk nahi me bachpan so jab bhi newspaper article phadta Ho bus yeh Khaba hoti hai rape ki

  29. Shital Kumari

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    Very nice di

  30. Ghungur bala Nayak

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    Outstanding diii 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. Jayat Banerji

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  32. shaheen shaikh

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    Super proud of you nick...all these days you made me laugh like anything but you are so thoughtful on such sensitive issues too...keep rocking

  33. Afreen Bashir

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    I love you soooooooooooooo much.. You are the best...salute to you.

  34. Ayachika Singh

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    Oh my god why I am crying ???? 😭

  35. SambalpuriVlog Dash Creation

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    madam suru kardete hai unka fayeda utana nahito ye ***** nahi sudrenge ........... anway heart touching video

  36. Hemlata Kumari

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    I solute your video..

  37. Zeba

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    alway our parents saying that don't do that but we are becomes angry when they are saying like this and than something happens wrong than we thinking that our parents whatever said that is for our safety

  38. Shani G

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    She is write

  39. Raj Rajpura

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    It's true I also support to nirbhaya s mom and other all girl who suffer from these😢😢😢😢

  40. Raveena khan

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  41. 다영

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    한국인 ??

  42. Piu Tarafdar

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    Can you just imagine 740 dislikes😔 so many rapists

  43. Punam Meshram

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    niharika .. i m agrre wid u with ur every words

  44. hafsi angel

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    I totally agree with all ur Thoughts about these rapists they should be burned alive in front of public.. In our country every minute a girl has been raped we even don't know.. Many rapists are freely roaming govt should take the action against them.. They don't have the right to live no girl is safe.. #I want to be safe...

  45. Pratik Bafna

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    Galti pandav ne ki thi...?

  46. Shree Creations

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    Ye sirf tumhari awaj ni h ye hr ldki ki awaj h👍

  47. Riddhi Malhotra

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    Kuch logo koo lagta hai ki yae girl aakali hai iskae saath kuch bhi kaar doo. Too voo log bavakoof hai because they did not respect their mother and sisters . Niharika you are absolutely right.

  48. Abhi Sarkar

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    Di ek sach baat maan se bol raha hoon "gabare log desh chala raha hye and paralikha admi desh mye lachar hye"

  49. PR4BB4R

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> bauhaut accha laga sunn ke ki aapne yeh kaha ki "hume pata hai ki ek mard aur ek raakshas mein kya difference hai" litrally touched my heart and made me realise that ki meine jo bhi ladki ki abhi tak madat ki hai woh maine sahi soch ke hee ki hai

  50. Paritosh Pradhan

    Paritosh Pradhan3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Such a ... True words uh have spoken ... Men's should understand. Each and everything about girls.. they should protect .. girls... Instead of .Staring them badly ....

  51. Pratibha Thool

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    You are right di . Bahar jane me really dar lagta hai yar . We have to do something

  52. ꧁ r a B B y ꧂

    ꧁ r a B B y ꧂4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Agree with you 👐👌

  53. Jaiswal Electronics

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    Pahle hame samajna chaiye humne aaj samaj ke liye kya Diya aaj hum CA , doctor, engineer , advocate banjate hai per Apne life Ka 1% time logo ko education dene me Nahi lgate India ke poor and rural elako me hame waha ke education system ke liye Karna chaiye jaisi life hum ji rahe waisa o Nahi 90% tak jitne rapist hue hai 10 se bhi Kam padhe hai .

  54. Amna Jadoon

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    Em from Pakistan me your new subscriber mai kahna chau ghe apky country mai rape ki aik waja b hy apka media bhut open hy media mai jo chez daikhai jati wo society mai wahi sb kuch hota hy....Allah Pak farmaty hain jb bacha (boy) 7ka ho jahy to wo Mah r behan ky pass na soay isi tarh bachi(girl) ka b kah gya wo apny bahi r bap ky pass na soay q ky peda krny wala Allah hy wo janta hy ky insan ki fitrat kasi hy ...Hamary islam mai isi lia kah gya hy jab larki jwan ho jhy to wo dusry mard ky smny na jahy jisko na mehram kehty hain ....Aj kl ye sb isi waja sy ho rh hy q ky parda nai hy

  55. Marshall Mathers

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    Втф непон

  56. Sonam Priya

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    mrgos.info/vhidio/2a-eqbq1fqi-q4o.html Watch this vedio..... Nick apke words ko mainy apni poem mein dala h

  57. Garima chauhan

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    "hat's off" to u really

  58. Rahul Verma

    Rahul Verma4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Well said sister I m men but sometimes I felt shame on being men coz whatever ugly thing happening often in our country

  59. Jeshan Gautam

    Jeshan Gautam4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    I want to say that the gang raoe that had been done in 2012 now 4 of the rapers have been sentence death penalty in 22 January 2020 by a judge of new delhi .

  60. Doctor Strange

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    Aap ne bilkul correct bola but agar koii Minister ya MLA ka beta agar kisi ladki ka Gangrape karti hai to kya iss desh ke police mai itna dum hai usse encounter kare #Unnao rape case mai kya hua #Victim ko hi maar dia aur #UP police ne rapists ko puri help ki think sister...think law is not equal for all in this country

  61. Qadar Butt

    Qadar Butt4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    This isn't just about India this happens all over in the world and many women never even say a world about it. No woman is completely safe in this world. This change isn't going to come through women. Men should make videos about this topic that is what is going to actually help change this world. More power and love to you from Pakistan ❤️❤️

  62. Akshita Wadhwa

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    Best video ever....well done👌🏻

  63. The Prince of Parmar

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    I think you should also tell that "me chahti hu balatkar hona hi band ho jaye"

  64. A-B CReATIONZz

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    And that was a responsible sister speaking 🙂

  65. Vandana Bhardwaj

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    Aisaa kyu nahi hh ki hum 1 vedio per 1 hi like de sakte hh Niharika you are best me iss vedio per if it's possible thousand likes deti You Are best

  66. Vandana Bhardwaj

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    You are ausome niharika Love you always 🙂

  67. Mahadevi Mehuli Dutta

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    U have being always inspiring

  68. Sushma jaiswal

    Sushma jaiswal5 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Don't kill a girl, Let her see the world. Girls are beautiful nature gift, don't kill them. Save girl Child and empower them to Freely live her life. A girl child is a future woman, don't kill her........ A girl child is an important question as a boy child in the life of parents. Both are equally necessary for the existence of life on the earth however we cannot think about the continuing of human life on the earth without a girl child(are future woman). A girl child is a miracle by god on the earth. SAVE HER!

  69. Shivam Singh

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    Headsoff to you niharika very true


    AMAN KANPURIYA5 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Sahi mein, candle march se kuch nahi hone wala....... administration ko strict hona hoga...... aur sabse pehle, aurat ko bhi physically strong banna hoga, for self defense and self confidence


    AMAN KANPURIYA5 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    You are right madam, this is the only appropriate video I have seen........ This is the first one....... Salute you madam


    ANJALI VERMA5 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    And the truth is The government won't gonna change No matter how hard we try But these f**king boys/men won't understand


    KHATHEEJA NISHANA5 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    I liked this as soon as I saw the title! Well said!!

  74. P z

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    Please check safeon personal safety app.....excellent for personal safety especially for females.

  75. Islamic Teachings

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    Islam mein pardah isi liye farz kiya gaya hai. we feel safe in abaya, chadar, or burqa.

  76. Amit Sharma

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    My male friend, my boy friend, my husband wtf🤣🤣

  77. Amit Sharma

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    @Piyush teckchandani suna he vai agar ladliyaa full kapde pehnne lage toh kafi had tal rape ko roka ja saakta he, pehel karni hogi kisi ko

  78. Piyush teckchandani

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    As expected bro tum baaas lines padhkane aate ho bakchodiya kabhi sunn bhi liya karo!!


    CYANIC WOLF5 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    All 721 dislike is from the people who support rape

  80. shilpa sakhare

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    Justice pls

  81. Niru Chalwadi

    Niru Chalwadi5 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Our safety comes first our life is precious

  82. Deepti Singh

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  83. Santosh Yadav

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    Very well said.

  84. Coco ARMY

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    Huh! Wo log ab kaha gaye jo mandiron ke liye strikes par nikle the! Wo kaha hai jinhone padmavaat ki release par strikes ki! Wo kaha hai jo internet par BIGG BOSS ko band karane ke liye hashtags nikalte hai!

  85. Neha

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    I really get goosebumps while watching this video....This is something which are we looking for dii....i really appreciate...but we can't change mentality of those fucking people😔😔....hope this message make some sense to them....thanks for doing this grrt work for this video...love u...#wealwayssupportcaptainnick🌼

  86. Sushma jaiswal

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    I am 11 yrs old but when I hear this type of news I feel so unsecure. Like this rap in Hyderabad of a peteri doctor prinkya reddy OMG... Just she it #Iwanttobesafe

  87. vandana mahadik

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    Sahi boli beta tu👊👊👊phaasi deke to dekho