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What if you fall in love with your neighbour and ask for a virtual date and she actually says YES! What would you talk to her about on your first date ?
Kya aapko kabhi apni padosan par crush hua hai ? Vaise mohalle me toh sabko hota hai. Agar padosan ladki ke saath date par jaane ka mauka mile? Dekhiye Hasley India ki nayi peshkaah - Date With Your Neighbour!
Channel Head: Ankit Madaan
Shreya Gupto
Keshav Sadhna
Sameer Monga
Directed by:
Shubham Bajpai
Assistant Director
Shivang Bhatnagar
Script Writer:
Shubham Bajpai
Post Production Head:
Rohit Chadha
Assistant Editor:
Jatin Madan
Line Producer:
Kamal Nindavatya
Vijay Kumar
Vaibhav Arora
Social Media:
Mayank Mishra
Special Thanks @archakchhabra for helping us out with the awesome shoot :)
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